Features & Benefits

Add photos of your clothes into the app: the app will combine them with each others automatically.

  • Gallery of clothes: all of your stuff in one place
  • Gallery of outfits: inspire by the fresh ideas
  • Tags for clothes: quickly find the relevant pieces
  • Tags for outfits: find sets by occasion, weather, color, style

Outfit is a set of clothes (skirt + blouse e.g.)

With this app you can dress up diversly even with a tiny wardrobe

And if you have a lot of clothes, you can manage them more effectively

A message from the author

This is me, my name is Stacy, let me tell you why I came up with this app

Now my wardrobe is:
4 skirts + 2 pants + 6 blouses + 9 dresses + 8 extras = 450 sets.
This means a fresh unique look everyday for 1 year, 2 months and 25 days.

(when I say "extra" I mean scarves, cardigans, vests and all the stuff you can wear as a top layer)

Until I counted it, there was a search agony every time, especially in the morning. I love beauty but not at 6 AM. I was really tired to think how else I can combine my clothes to look freshly.

Here are the main reasons for my pain:

nothing to wear
  • Wardrobe is full, there are lots of clothes, but still nothing to wear!
  • Wearing every day the same is boring.
  • It is difficult for me to combine colors and styles. “What to pair with orange skirts?!”
  • Lack of imagination: I know what I want to wear only when I see it.
  • My budget is not without a limit so I can't keep buying new things too often.

Does it sound familiar to you?

One day I realized I combine my clothes ineffectively. I think I have nothing to wear, although, in fact I don’t use my clothes to the fullest.

OK, but how to fix it? It turns out that I need to find the maximum of outfits out of the clothes I already have.

thumb_down Attempt #1 - unsuccessful

At first, I tried to photograph my clothes combinations.
But it took a lot of time and was so tediously! Also my brain is not a computer so I missed some options.

thumb_up Attempt #2 - successful

Then I realized my computer can do it for me. So I made an app that mades the different sets of clothes automatically. I upload photos of my clothes to the app, and the app makes all the possible outfits. You can try it too, it’s free.

Here are the benefits I’ve got:

  1. I'm inspired by ideas that have never came to my mind before.
  2. I realized that my wardrobe is not really as small as I thought.
  3. I save time and energy, it reduces stress in my life.
  4. I dress up diversely without buying a lot of clothes.
  5. Now I don't have to think about what to wear. In the app I have a collections like "for work”," for party" etc. I can get all the suitable outfits in one click.

I published it hoping that it will help other people. Feel free to try it. I'll be glad to discuss any thoughts & ideas or answer your questions. Please use feedback forum or my social networks.